For grown-ups: 

During this session we will get to know the team, the mission for the day and who we will be working with. Press play on the video and follow the instructions with your group. You can pause the video at any time. 

30 mins intro video

For grown-ups: 

  • We are going to make a 

  • The video is a step-by-step follow on and all the materials are in your room - please make sure children have everything they need before you start

  • For this activity each child needs:

  • Please tidy up at the end of the session - if you need to use a little bit of the break time you can

  • Please take pictures and upload to the Dojo account for your group so the Professor can comment and give you points!

  • When the activity is finished please make sure children have put their name on their work and have put it in their take home box/bag

Time Squad all 11.15

For grown-ups:

  • Make sure children have everything they need for this workshop:

  • Press play when ready to start - there are timers included for teams to complete tasks but you can pause the video if you need more time

  • Don't forget to take pictures on Class Dojo and send to the Professor to show him your work

For grown-ups:

  • Take children into the hall with their water bottles and ask them to find a space where they can see the screen. 

  • Tell children they are going to be doing some training to become super strong for their adventure

  • When everyone is ready click on the pointing finger below.

  • You can login to the Drill using username: and password nimble

  • Please take pictures and upload to the Dojo account for your group so the Professor can comment and give you points!

Press the Button

For grown-ups: 

  • As a group prepare and take pictures/film a full report for the Professor to be uploaded - include all work

  • Some children may want to write up a report and take a picture of it - upload everything to Class Dojo

For grown-ups:

  • If the weather is good get children to collect all their things for taking home and put their coat on

  • Lead them out to the playground and ask them to put their bag and take home things round the edge of the playground. When their name is called that means their parent is waiting for them at the gate and they will be taken to the gate to sign out

  • At 4:45 bring all remaining children with all their things back into the Yellow Zone Hall

  • If weather is bad bring all children into Yellow Zone Hall with all their things at 4:00pm and they will be collected from there