Here at Nimble Arts we're on a mission to make your special day EVEN more amazing since you can't have your friends round or go somewhere fun! So we'll bring the fun to you and your friends in the comfort of your home! All you need is a screen and a little sprinkling of imagination. We want you to be part of planning your party but here's some ideas to get you started....when you've had a look just use THIS form to send us your ideas! All parties can be tailored for group size and age and run by one of our very experienced workshop leaders - or a workshop leader + special guest character! 


1 hr themed craft/games parties from £60/hr

1.5 hr TV Show + Editing parties from £100

Custom E-Invites £10 Virtual Arty Party Bags £2/child

Pre-made craft and materials kits from £5/child


Life at Nimbus Space Base is NEVER boring. We need the best engineers, scientists and alien hunters just to keep us floating through the stars. On your visit it's up to you what you focus on - want to work on your slime making skills with some of the ingredients we've harvested from far flung planets? Can you put your engineering skills to the test to design a moon buggy? Can you take the paper X-wing challenge? Or design a droid? See you up there!

Moon Buggy design kits - £5 per child

Slime ingredients kits - £5 per child


Random Town is the WEIRDEST programme on TV...and now it's your turn to star in it! The one rule of Random Town is...there are no rules! Plan your show, make your props, rehearse your parts and then we record and edit your show together! What will you include? Whacky weather reports? Nonsense newscasts? Amazing arts and crafts? Silly songs? Fascinating factoids? Crazy cook-alongs? Scary story time? Quirky quiz shows? Whether you want to be a presenter, prop maker, set designer or director it's time for....LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! You can watch and example below - this is from a live event but on Zoom you need to be EVEN MORE CREATIVE!


Here at Nimble Arts we are time travel experts thanks to Professor Nimblino and his time machine! So we can travel anywhere we like but it's not often plain sailing! ONce you've passed your Time Squad training and chosen your agent name with Inspector Yearspan, you choose where you want to go! We could spend some time in Victorian School, travel to ancient Rome, fly forward into the future, pop in on Henry VIII, visit Charlie Chaplin to make a silent film, board a Viking long boat, call in on Cleopatra, or battle with pesky pirates! Set the clockometre and off we go...just as long as we're back in time for CAKE!


Do you LOVE to make things? Create a whole range of personalised bling for your bedroom! Name plaques, pencil pots, notebooks, bunting, treasure boxes, dream catchers, cuddly toys, money box, picture frames or your own art work to hang on the wall! Or why not have a Fashion theme and create accessories? LOADS of options to choose from!

RANDOM (1).png

Ever wanted to become a magician? Go to pirate bootcamp? Save the world as a super hero (or villain!) or go to secret agent school we can help you transform and learn your new skills in no time! Or is there something else you want to be? We can't wait to hear your ideas!


Even more ideas...journey back to the prehistoric era and become a dinosaur expert, swim down to the bottom of the sea and create some fishy friends, make  your own animal kingdom or create a pop-up world