Here at Nimble Arts we LOVE to make things, perform, design. create, learn about how the world works, about the past, the future, and everything in between! Our team is made up of qualified and experienced primary teachers, working artists across all fields and creative industry specialists. Our mission is to help children explore the world through creative experiences. Since Covid-19 arrived on our doorstep, we have developed a range of ways to bring the magic of our Nimble Arts Holiday Clubs into your home. We've created the Nimblino Universe where you can help Professor Nimblino and his Time Squad travel through time and space, saving the world as they go, and battling against the evil Queen Icelinda and her band of Gruggles! You can access two of our Anytime Adventure - 10 days worth of mental, physical and creative challenges  - for just £10 to be completed whenever you like! You can also download one of our 'Make Your Own..' video packs with some great stuff to make at home using every day items. Packs start from £6.00. We're developing these all the time so watch this space for more! You can book one of our Bespoke Creative Sessions for your children. This has been designed as a special lockdown service to bring a bit of creative joy into home-schooling timetables. You tell us what your children are interested in, what art forms they enjoy and how old they are, and we'll create a bespoke Zoom session just for them packed full of things to make, skills to learn and fun, fun, fun! Whether they want to spend an hour in the jungle, take a trip to ancient Rome, create their own mini-musical or write their own pop-up children's book, we'll take their ideas and run with them! Sessions start from £40 (or we can arrange for groups of friends to have a session together) and are available during the day or evening to fit your timetable. We can also provide Bespoke Tutoring across all primary subjects if your children need a booster or some extra help, delivered by a qualified and experienced primary teacher from £40 per hour. Finally we have just launched our Zoom Birthday Party packages - again these are completely bespoke and will be designed around your children's interest and age. Price start from £150 for 1.5 hours. 

If you'd like to discuss or book any of our virtual activities you can book and use the enquiry forms below or give us a call on 0333 014 2576 or email

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5 Follow-along Animal Makes

Nimble Arts created an outstanding zoom party for my 10 year old son.  Catherine had loads of brilliant ideas and deftly tailored them to suit my shy child and his group of friends, all with different interests.  A zoom with the organiser ahead meant that he felt comfortable with the whole thing and in the run up was really excited to be having the 1st zoom party out of his group of friends.  The kids had a brilliant time creating and laughed their heads off.  There was even a follow up clip of their tv which we were sent afterwards so they could see the fruits of their labour.  It was such fun and we were all so happy that he had such a brilliant party in lockdown.  Highly recommended!

- Parent, January 2021

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You can take part in all 10 days worth of activities and challenges from each of our previous adventures by buying access to an Anytime Adventure below. These adventures can be completed any time, and while they aren't accompanied by by live interaction, Adventurers can still submit work to our GALLERY


One thing our team has learned running Nimble Arts for 6 years: kids have the best ideas!

Our Virtual Birthday Parties (from £60/hour) , Creative Sessions (£40/hour) for home-schooling and Tutoring (£40/hour) are completely bespoke - we can create something magical based on your child's interests so just use the form below to send your enquiry. We can't work to work with you and your family.

Every birthday party planning session starts with ideas from the birthday boy or girl - we want their day to be SO special. We can create sessions around a theme to include games, challenges and arts and crafts, using every day at-home items or we can send kits out to party guests. We can design e-invites and a pre-party briefing pack (maybe children need to attend in fancy dress? Or create their own backdrop as a challenge before the party even begins?) and we can have a planning zoom with your family to talk through ideas so they can get to know one of the team before we pop up on the big day! Planning and delivery of a one hour session starts from £100 with add-ons depending on craft kits or longer sessions.

It's your day, and here are some ideas to get your started:

  • Possible themes: Fairy Tale, Become a Secret Agent, Dinosaurs, Time Travel to...ANYWHERE, Make A Musical, Kids TV Show, Become and Scientist, Go to Space, Bling up your Bedroom, Jungle Journey, Raptastic Songwriters, Create a Puppet Show, Build a Pop Up World...its up to you! Click HERE to learn more about what we can do!

Our creative sessions work along the same lines - let us know what you enjoy and we'll Zoom into a home school day with a busy hour of creativity - singing, drama, arts, crafts whatever you like. This can be 1:1, per family, or for a group of friends. One session costs £40 with add-ons for materials if required.

With so many teachers working for our team we can also offer tutoring Zooms in all primary subjects so if you need a few catch up sessions from a friendly and very creative teacher let us know and we can create a session or series of sessions to support learning. £40/hour.

It's time to BRING THE FUN!


'Thank you for doing kept my daughter busy for good many hours on various days and it was helpful for us to keep doing our work' Parent, 20th April 2020, via e-mail

'My kids LOVED it!' Parent, 20th April 2020, via e-mail


We created out Anytime Adventures from two live virtual holiday clubs in 2020 - see what's in store if you do an Anytime Adventure below!