ANYTIME ADVENTURES are perfect for staycations, holidays at home or after-school and weekend fun! Once you've completed the booking form you will be sent a password that unlocks all 10 days of each adventure. Save Professor Nimblino's grandchildren from the clutches of Queen Icelinda, or join the Time Squad and help Inspector Yolanda Yearspan escape from Prince Shiveron. Including live action video, a whole cast of unforgettable characters and LOADS to make, do and learn! KS2 strong readers should be able to work independently while younger children will need some help. But they can access the adventurers at their own pace and level using every day items and materials and cost £10 per Adventure or £18 for a pack of 2.


Adventurers can upload any of their work to the Nimble Adventurers Portal for inclusion in our Mission Gallery. We accept payment via Stripe Card Payment for our Anytime Adventures.

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