Policies and Safeguarding

Please click on the yellow boxes to view out FULL COVID-19 POLICY and COVID-19 PARENT-CLUB AGREEMENT which is supplementary to all details below and parents will be asked to sign up to before booking (via Magic Booking accounts)

Nimble Arts Ltd are registered at Goodrich Primary School on the Early Years and Childcare Register which means we can look legally look after 4-11 year olds between 8.00am - 6.30pm during holiday time. Our registration means that we abide by all the Ofsted requirements for UK childcare more details of which can be found HERE You can also access copies of all our policies HERE
What is the adult: child ratio?
 The law as it applies to Out of School and Holiday childcare as laid out in the EYFS Framework from 2014 states:
Before/after school care and holiday provision
3.40. Where the provision is solely before/after school care or holiday provision for
children who normally attend Reception class (or older) during the school day, there
must be sufficient staff as for a class of 30 children. It is for providers to determine how many staff are needed to ensure the safety and welfare of children, bearing in mind the type(s) of activity and the age and needs of the children. It is also for providers to determine what qualifications, if any, the manager and/or staff should have. Providers do not need to meet the learning and development requirements in Section 1. However, practitioners should discuss with parents and/or carers (and
other practitioners/providers as appropriate, including school staff/teachers) the
support they intend to offer.
We take the safety, enjoyment and development of the children we look after very seriously

and are members of the Out of School Alliance. We follow their recommendation of having a minimum ratio of 1:10 for children aged 4-8, and 1:15 for older children and are insured for this. The way we deploy staff is to have a qualified Early Years Teacher or Practitioner managing a team of 3-6 Early Year's Assistants depending on the number of children that day with our 4-6 year olds and each of our older groups have a leader looking after them all day supported by two Cover Assistants who cover breaks and monitor the activity hall at all times, one Assistant Manager who is in charge of sign in and out, all data, first aid and medication and our Day Manager who has overall responsibility for health and safety. On top of this we have between 2 and 5 workshop leaders a day who are experienced and DBS-checked, and a Resources Manager who is in charge of materials and equipment. There are a minimum of 2 Paediatric First Aid qualified members of staff on duty at all times. We firmly believe in keeping child:adult ratios small and operate a much higher ratio than the current government requirement for holiday clubs of 1 adult to 30 children. We also offer 1:1 support if needed with our team of SEN support assistants- just get in touch at info@nimblearts.co.uk. Read our Safeguarding Policy here: SAFEGUARDING

Who are your staff?
 Catherine Burgis who is the Director of Nimble Arts Ltd  is a qualified secondary and primary teacher with over 10 years teaching experience as well as lots of experience in project management. Our Day Managers are all also qualified teachers and first aid trained. Each day our team is made up of the following staff:


  • Assistants with a minimum of 3 years experience working creatively with child


  • An Early Years Manager who is always a qualified and experienced teacher or Early Year's specialist to look after our 4 -6 year olds


  • An Assistant Manager who is responsible for managing all child data, health and safety while in the building and medication needs


  • Professional DBS-checked Workshop Leaders (including artists, musicians, film-makers, animators, dancers, actors and other creative professionals) who run each unique workshop session

ALL staff have up to date DBS certificates, experience of working with children and young people, and many are also teachers, teaching assistants and/or have experience of working on educational projects in artistic settings.
How do you administer first aid and medication, and deal with illness?
 We use professional first aid services from First Aid Cover Ltd who provide a highly trained First Responder from 8am - 6.30pm. The are available in the morning to talk to parents, sign in medication and discuss allergies etc and have a fully stocked medical kit available at all times. We communicate with parents during the day about any first aid treatment that we feel serious enough to inform you of before the end of the day. For these incidents (and all other more minor incidents) records are kept and parents are asked to sign our First Aid Log at the end of the day. For more information about our First Aid provision see:
http://www.firstaidcover.org.uk/index If children feel ill we carry out basic checks and if we are concerned will contact parents immediately. If a child has vomited we will ask that they be taken home as soon as possible. We ensure children are reminded about good toilet and food hygiene all through the day and provide regular opportunities to use hand sanitiser. If your child is ill with an infectious illness on the day they are due to attend please call us in the morning and we will assess the situation. We have a nut-free policy which we rigorously enforce so please ensure you check all food for nut allergy information.


Do you support children with special educational needs and disabilities?
 We will do everything we can to support children with special educational needs and disabilities to access our activities - we have a limited number of 1:1 support for children who need some extra help. However, we are not a school and as such our staff are not trained or insured to offer intimate care, toilet support or complex medical care to children on site. All local authorities are legally required to offer activities in the holidays for children with additional needs so please check your local authority ASD unit. Please note we can only offer a child a maximum of 2 days with a 1:1 as we do not receive any funding for this and have a limited budget for support.


Is there any outdoor play?
We have full run of the school and the playgrounds, and as long as the weather is good enough, we aim to go outside for all breaks to get some fresh air! We have lots of equipment for children to play with and run group games for any children who want to play more organised games. We also have our bouncy castle and an Active Hour every day for children over the summer holidays when they take part in team games.
What is you cancellation policy?

PRE-COVID POLICY (followed for any non-Covid-19 related cancellation requests or changes to bookings); 

We understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances can intervene and you may need to alter or cancel or alter a booking. 
We will do everything we can to accommodate requests for altering booking 
If we can fill your place directly with another child from our waiting list we will be able to offer you a refund. If this is not possible, the following terms apply:
We require at least 14 full days notice of cancellation before the day your child is due to attend to issue a 100% credit note or full refund.
We require at least 7 to 13 full days notice of cancellation before the day your child is due to attend to issue a 50% credit note.
If you cancel your sessions without giving us at least 7 full days notice before the day your child is due to attend, you will not receive any credit (This policy is subject to the Manager's discretion in mitigating circumstances)

If you book within 7 days of the date of first attendance we cannot guarantee refund or credit if the need arises to cancel as resources are bought and allocated within this period - this will be at the Manager's discretion - please contact info@nimblearts.co.uk or call 0333 014 2576


COVID-19 CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY: (followed for any Covid-19 related cancellations)

There is currently no insurance available that covers registered childcare settings against loss of income due to Cororna-virus-related closure or the need to send home individual children or whole bubbles of children whether due to their own suspected infection, or coming into contact with a suspected case of the virus. We therefore have to ask parents to sign up to the cancellation policy below which overrides the policy above. We in no way wish to cause parents distress, financial hardship or be paid for services we cannot offer. However, as a very small company who has been severely financially affected by Covid-19 closure, we are not in the position to take the financial risk of closure and full refund. In the events of closure or having to send children/staff/bubbles home we still have to pay all club-related costs, PPE costs, resources, staff costs and rental to the school. Therefore, we want to make parents aware of the following, which they will be asked to sign up to on our pre-booking agreement (available via Magic Booking before you make your booking):


In the event that you have paid for your place at one of our clubs but your child develops symptoms and has to isolate (or is in isolation period on the day they should be attending:

- we cannot refund the money paid for the booking unless we can offer the space to a child on the waiting list

- where possible, we will look to allocate paid-for bookings as credit towards a future club - however we cannot guarantee this will be possible due to potential numbers of cases, and will review on a case by case basis


In the event that you have paid for your place at one of our clubs, and we inform you of a case of suspected Corona-virus where a child or staff member is suspected of having the virus, or has come into contact with a suspected case, and has been bubbled or worked closely with your child, where we ask that your child be collected and not attend until the suspected case is either confirmed or cleared of infection:

- we cannot refund the money paid for the booking unless we can offer the space to a child on the waiting list

- where possible, we will look to allocate paid-for bookings as credit towards a future club - however we cannot guarantee this will be possible due to potential numbers of cases, and will review on a case by case basis

In the event that we have to close the club due to not enough staff being available due to isolation, multiple suspected cases of the virus across multiple bubbles, or in the event that government guidelines and regulations for out of school provision changes at short notice:

- we will not be able to offer refunds for places already paid for

- we will credit at least 50% of the remaining booking cost that children cannot attend for to parent accounts for use at a future club

It is with a heavy heart that we have to impose such strict financial conditions, but we want our policy and reasoning to be completely transparent. 


What happens to lost property?
 All lost property is displayed at the front entrance of the club as it collected across the week(s). On the day before the final day of the club a photograph is taken of all the lost property and parents are asked to identify and collect items. If parents are unavailable lost property will be kept for up to 2 weeks after the end fo the club and pick up/postage will be arranged.


Do you take pictures and videos and are these used on social media?
If we have permission, we take pictures to use within secure Class Dojo accounts for parents of children attending a certain group on a certain day. There are options to opt in and out of this on booking. We can remove any photos from this on request. We do not use pictures of children's faces or identifiable in marketing unless we have sought permission.
How do I complain if I am not satisfied?

See our policies download above for our full Complaints policy. Nimble Arts Ltd is committed to providing high quality children’s holiday care. If in the unlikely event that you are not 100% satisfied with the outcome of the complaints procedure ,you may wish to contact the Ofsted Early Years Complaints Helpline, on 0300 123 4666, or write to their Regional Office, www.ofsted.gov.uk/contactus

Data protection, privacy and contact.
 When you sign up for a Nimble Arts account on Magic Booking you will be asked to review our terms and conditions and privacy policy. All data collected is stored on Magic Booking's secure server. If you would like to hear about Nimble Arts special offers and upcoming events you will need to visit My Account then My Details and tick the box marked 'Nimble Arts Ltd Communication' under Newsletters. Please see our Nimble Arts Ltd Customer Privacy Notice for more information Our full terms and conditions including new GDPR compliance can be found HERE - you will asked to agree to these before making your first booking through Magic Booking.
Any other questions?  Drop us a line at info@nimblearts.co.uk