Team! You made it. This is Operation Rainbow - this is NOT A DRILL. It turns out we have

a friend amongst the Freezorian guards and he's going to help us if we can harness power of Rainbowlight by 4pm today! It's the only thing that can block Shiveron's Bluefire and bring us home. Look:


There are three tasks below - all your training has been leading up to this moment and now is your time to shine Time Squad recruits!

Complete as much as you can before 4pm today and then BE READY!


TASK ONE Rainbow Juggling

For this task you need coloured scarves or recycled plastic bags. We need to be able to distract our enemies with the fastest moving rainbow juggling they've ever seen. Watch the videos below and practice as hard as you can!


TASK TWO Rainbow Shield

Nimble TV is a TV ONLY for Nimble Adventurers and one of our wonderful new Time Squad recruits has created these videos to help make your rainbow shield. You'll need white paper, a sponge, paints, a water pot, some masking tape and a black pen! 


TASK THREE Rainbow Disguise

We must make sure Shiveron cannot see us when we're making our escape so you'll need a rainbow disguise! Find as many colourful clothes, hats, socks, scarves, shoes, gloves, masks...whatever you can find!! And put it ALL on at once.


Well done team! Now, once you've completed all your tasks or it gets to 4pm
make sure you are wearing your disguise - either hold rainbow shield in the window or start juggling for five minutes. That will give us enough time to escape. When you've done it, click below to generate your rainbow light!

Abstract Splash