• Any time 8.00am – 9.30am 

  • We will be using the double gates on Dunstan's road (a little further up from the normal main gate). We are following the schools protocol that parents and carers cannot come onto the premises (sorry about this!) under any circumstances. We ask that you queue up keeping to social distancing along the pavement next to the red and white bollards. You'll be signed in by one member of staff then please say good bye at the gate and your child will be sent over to the next member of staff in the playground and then shown to their bubble. We realise this is not like coming in to settle your child yourself and is not in anyway ideal but we'll be really supportive in getting your child in and off to their room where they'll receive a really warm welcome.


  • Any time 4.00pm - 5.00pm (if you booked standard day) or 4.00pm - 6.30pm (if you booked Late Pick Up Movie Club)

  • Pick-up will be from the same double gate on Dunstan's Road. Again, parents will be asked to identify who they're picking up then wait on the far side of the gate and we will radio for your child to be bought out with all their things. Please where a mask and observe social distancing. 

  • If you have not booked Late Pick Up Movie Club you can do this via your account - just check the guidance at the bottom left of the account in the notices which explains how you can book and pay (it's a bit fiddly sorry!)

  • We'll book your child into Movie Club if you haven't arrived to collect by 5.00pm - please call or text 07714 745 040 if you are running late. We have to be out of the building just after 6.30pm so all children must be collected by then please.

  • We can only release your child to an approved collector. All collectors MUST be on your account – you can check this by clicking on CHILDREN then CONTACTS and adding/checking collectors there. You don’t need to let us know separately who’s collecting as long as they are on the list. Please double check that you and anyone else with permission to collect (including other parents) are on there

We will have our own RING BELL set up at the double gate and our number up in case you arrive outside of normal times - please note we can't hear the normal bell on the main school gate.



Are bubbles are now set and we cannot make changes to them as all rooms, tables and spaces are allocated and labelled. We have made a note of any requests that came in after bubbles were full and if any spaces become available we'll make the changes. We're so sorry this is quite an inflexible system but we have to go by order of booking and order of group request to keep things as fair as possible - and we only have 15 spaces, and need to keep similar ages together. We hope you understand. Children in different bubbles will be having some joint distanced sessions and breaks together so friends will see each other - and they'll be made really welcome in their bubble. Latest bubbles as of Friday 23rd October 8.00pm are HERE


To get in touch with us between 7.00am – 6.30pm please dial 0333 014 2576 - option 1 will through to the Setting Manager or Assistant Manager (who can also b texted on 07714 745 040) and option 2 takes you through to the office if you have a question about bookings, payments etc.



If your child is ill or you cannot attend please let us know by calling or texting the numbers above. If your child or anyone in your family is experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND and let us know straight away. If you, a member of your family or your child has been told to isolate by NHS Test and Trace please let us know straight away so we can assess the situation. If your child develops symptoms while with us we will follow isolation guidance and contact you straight away to collect them.



  • A Packed lunch PLEASE NOTE we have a nut-free policy, and as we have a number of children with allergies, this is particularly important. We reserve the right to remove any packed lunch item containing nuts which will be returned to parents at pick up - PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CHECK ALL PACKAGING VERY CAREFULLY We also ask that children don't share their lunches, because of the number of children who do have allergies). There will be two extra breaks during the day so please includes snacks and a bottle of water that can be refilled during the day 

  • Any medication that needs to be administered or that you would like us to have available for your child during the day (asthma pumps, epi pens, antihistamines etc) - these will need to be signed in and out and please make sure it is labelled with your child’s name.




  • Waterproof coat and sensible shoes for outdoor play- Clothes they can move easily in, and that you don't mind getting a bit messy - whilst we have overalls available for craft projects, a bit of rogue paint or glue can sometimes escape!

  • An extra bag labelled to take home things that your child has made

  • As we have a bit more classroom time than usual children can bring a book if they like for when we have choosing time

  • Face Coverings – children do not have to wear face coverings but are very welcome to if they feel more comfortable



We are running our club via Class Dojo this time. Children won’t have their own logins – instead their members of staff will upload their work via a Team Name. All parents have the same login – this is just so you can keep up with the day and login with your children when they get home and talk through the day – and see team points! You can login at www.classdojo.co.uk as a parent using the following login:

Username: parents@nimblearts.co.uk

Password: ocTober2020!

Please don’t comment or message as everyone is logged in with the same details.

On days when your child is at home they can still take part in the At Home team. There are instructions on how to do this when you login as a parent. Children from home can upload work to the At Home team where the Professor will give them feedback and team points alongside the teams at the club. Remember when your child is uploading to them At Home to tell us who they are when they upload! If your consents for you child is set to NO pictures or videos we will not include their faces and they will receive a red band - the photo and videos for the day are only available for Nimble Arts parents who are booked in between 26th - 30th October and not public or shared.


There are videos from the last two adventures and a little task for children to start in the parents account Class Story once you login. This is not compulsory but watching the back stories might get them excited. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

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