Meet Professor Nimblino: Head of Ideas at Nimble Arts. If you love making things, travelling through time, solving fantastical problems, battling with evil villains, and overcoming impossible obstacles to save the day...then you're in the right place.  Every holiday as well as running a drop-off holiday in South East London, we also run a virtual one! So everyone can join in the fun and become a Nimble Adventurer. Nimble Adventurers are a brave band of online explorers aged 4-11 who assistProfessor Nimblino and his team of time-travelling friends every school holiday via our live quests. But their missions are far from easy...with the scheming Queen Icelinda and her evil band of gruggles battling for world domination, they certainly have to stay on their toes.  Want to join us?! Check out a sample day HERE and then find out more below!

Even though our first two Virtual Holiday Clubs have finished, you can now buy the full Online Adventure  

Packs with HOURS  of creative, mental and physical challenges in our SHOP Children can respond according to their age and interests: the perfect compliment to your

home-school day!

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, we have worked fast to develop an online version of our holiday club. Nimble Adventurers Live is an interactive adventure that takes place every school holiday which you can take part in from home via the Class Dojo app. Registration costs £20 per family for each week of the holiday.   Each day is a combination of mental, physical and creative challenges to keep your children active and engaged over the holidays. Our next Virtual Holiday Club will be running daily from 20th July - 21st August 2020 find out more below!

Sign up for our Summer Virtual Holiday Club opens in July - watch this space!

'Thank you for doing kept my daughter busy for good many hours on various days and it was helpful for us to keep doing our work' Parent, 20th April 2020, via e-mail

'My kids LOVED it!' Parent, 20th April 2020, via e-mail

The adventure starts at 10am each day during school holidays when children will receive a message from Professor Nimblino via the app giving them their instructions for the day. During the day they can upload responses to their tasks in any format they choose and they'll receive an instant personalised response from one of the characters! Children can respond to all or any of the tasks in any way they want to with lots of tasks being open-ended. Then, at 4pm the Professor will post the outcome of that day's adventure.

Adventure 1: Easter Holidays 2020  Our first ever Nimble Adventurers Live was unforgettable! 250 brave Nimble Crew rescued the 10 of Professor Nimblino's time-travelling grandchildren and defeated the evil Queen Icelinda! Catch up on the adventure and see the amazing work of all the participants by watching the video.

'I thought it was absolutely amazing' Parent, 20th April 2020, via e-mail

'It was great. My daughters attention span often isn’t great so we loved that you could dip in and out. She’s still asking to go back and complete the bits that we haven’t done' Parent, 20th April 2020, via e-mail

Adventure 2: May Half-term 2020 Our second adventure arrived just as Professor Nimblino's Time Squad Chief Inspector Yolanda Yearspan had been captured by none other than Queen Icelinda's infamous son Prince Shiveron! There wasn't a moment to lose as the Nimble Crew hurried to complete their Time Squad basic training and save the day! 

Our third Virtual Holiday Club will take place every week day from 10am - 4pm (or whenever you want to take part!) from 27th July - 21st August. Sign up will open via an online booking form which will appear here in the second week of July! If we are able to open for our drop-off holiday club, we'll link the virtual and drop-off club together so all children will be experiencing the same adventure whether they're with us in East Dulwich or working at home.

What You Will Need

When you sign up we will send you a list of what might be needed for each day - these are all household items and you can always use an alternative. 


ClassDojo is optimized for iPhone, iPads, Android phones and tablets, as well as any computer.

It will work on the following device types/operating systems:

  • iOS devices: requires OS 11+

  • Android phones and tablets: require Android 5+ 

  • Kindle Fire (second generation +)

  • On any computer, it supports Google Chrome and Firefox (and highly recommend you use the latest versions available)

  • Please note that ClassDojo is no longer supported on Internet Explorer 10, if you are using Internet Explorer 10, you will be prompted to update your browser. We recommend Google Chrome.

Our third Virtual Holiday Club will take place every week day from 10am - 4pm (or whenever you want to take part!) from 20th July - 21st August. Sign up is by an online booking form which will appear here in late June!

Age Groups and Parental Help

This is not just something that can be put on a screen with children left to their own devices - younger children will need to be guided through the adventures and may need to be supported with the technology. We found during our first adventure that lots of Year 3-6's were able to work independently with some help for uploading. We have kept the price so low to reflect the support needed, and you can make each day what you want - do one or two activities, or go full pelt to complete everything! It's completely up to you and we will celebrate anything that children submit.  We have tried to make the adventures as engaging as possible and the points and interaction with the team something to keep children motivated - but please note that with such a wide age range, your support will be needed at different stages. 

When you sign up to take part we will help you create a Class Dojo account for you, and for each of your children (this is separate from any accounts you may already have for school). The accounts allow children under your supervision (or independently if you are happy for them to use their own or a family tablet/laptop) to safely upload audio, video and pictures of their work to the Nimble Arts team. This work is never shared publicly and other children taking part cannot see or comment on uploaded work - but we regularly share examples of what children have been making in the Class Story to create a team atmosphere. Every piece of work uploaded receives positive comments from Professor Nimblino and points that children love to collect and can be used towards accessing special extras.

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