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I'm Professor Nimblino, and I'm in charge of investigating time and space here at Nimble Arts to bring you all the best activities from across the ages and the universe. Oh, the adventures I've been on!! I count some of the world's great explorers, philosophers, designers, engineers, artists and scientists amongst my personal friends! Why I was telling Leonardo DaVinci one of my best jokes just the other day . . . 'Who's king of the pencil case?' 'The ruler!' Hahahahahahahaha! He didn't find it all that funny though - didn't know what a pencil was! Nevermind. 

Anyway,   I've had a slight...um...problem that I'm going to need your help with in the next few days. Nothing...um...urgent. Well, I mean, it's a little urgent. But nothing you can't handle. See, I have 10 marvellous grandchildren. And as I'm getting a little old now and creaky in the joints I like to send them out to do some investigating for me. Don't worry - I always make sure they have a packed lunch and gear  for all weather (it can be pretty icy in the ice age!).


But the problem is, when I sent them off yesterday I accidentally dropped my cup of  tea on to the control panel and it...um...sort of...EXPLODED. So now they're trapped somewhere in space and time and I am going to need all the help I can get to save them! That's where YOU come in...I'll write to you soon with more instructions but BE READY! This is not a drill!! 

Sign up HERE before 6th April! (Booking form includes link to a sneak peak of adventure 1 before you pay the registration fee!)

Professor Nimblino x

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**Important note for parents and carers**

- These activities require access to a computer, phone or tablet for your children and for you to sign up to Class Dojo and help them in uploading their responses to tasks. A printer would be useful but not essential and lots of coloured and white paper, felt tips, glue, tape and any other crafty items you have found the house as well as lots of recycling. If there's anything you don't have one day you can adapt the activity to suit what's available or send us a message and we'll help.

- You can see a sample of Day One when you click on the sign in form to give you an idea of the tasks before you pay the registration fee - we haven't differentiated these via age group, but what we have done is to set up 'classes' on Class Dojo to represent each age group. So when your child responds to a task with some written work, photo or video they'll be completing the task according to their age and ability alongside peers of the same age and we will celebrate this

- Older children may well be able to get on with tasks independently but younger children will need support (older siblings may be able to take on a leadership role here and work as a team!). We realise many parents are trying to work at this time, and children do not need to complete all tasks, they can engage in any way they want, and the more input from family and the more you can get involved in the narrative the better! If you're off work and able to go on these daily adventures with your children then we would LOVE to see you taking part in the silliness! 

-We have suggested a time-table once you sign up to include two half hour breaks and a 45 minute break for lunch - at our clubs we love to put time limits on activities to add a sense of urgency and fun so you could certainly try this in your house. There is quite. a lot of reading to be done for each task which is something to bear in mind if you have younger children. 

-Our video content is hosted on Youtube - the videos are embedded into the page so can be watched without leaving the challenge web pages, but we always recommend parental monitoring and controls with Youtube. 

-We will be running on Good Friday and Easter Monday but again children do not have to take part every day - we have tried to keep the price really low but the days full of content and surprises with live interaction and encouragement via Class Dojo between 10am - 4pm. 

- If you have any questions please just get in touch info@nimblearts.co.uk 

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