Thanks for signing up for the second Nimble Adventurers Live beginning at 10am on Tuesday 26th May! If you haven’t done an adventure with us before we have attached personalised instructions for you to get up and running with the Class Dojo app that you’ll need to access the adventure. If you’ve already adventured with us, you’re all set - we have now added your child to the new Nimble Adventurers 2 Classroom and this should appear when you next login to Class Dojo (we’ve not put children into different age groups this time).


Each day at 10am children will receive a message from Professor Nimblino giving them instructions. This will appear in Class Story on the Class Dojo app or desktop version (whichever you are using). The message will include a password riddle to solve and then a link to input the password. When children click on the link to the adventure page for that day, they will see a space to enter the password in the Guest Area:


Put the password in there and you’ll gain access to that day’s adventure page. There will be tasks to complete which children can choose to do some or all of. The tasks are not differentiated by age group – they can simply be responded to with your support in whatever way a child wants to. For example, rather than making the designs, they can just draw a picture if easier! We have included printable templates, but these are optional and in some cases have included simpler activities for younger adventurers. The whole point of the day is to have fun and be immersed in the adventure so please support children to do this however they want to! Here is a sneak peak of Day One (password is ’14’ so you can see how the days work – Please keep this TOP SECRET from your children!)


Once tasks are completed, children can upload pictures, videos or written responses in their student account. This is done via their portfolio on Class Dojo. Everything they upload will appear as ‘pending’ until the Professor has seen it and commented, and then points will be awarded.



Children can film, record, draw or write directly into the portfolio, or they can upload things stored on their devices. If you have any technical issues email us at or message the Nimble Arts Helpdesk through Class Dojo.


To access the portfolio children must be using their own student Class Dojo account:




















If you’re using the desktop version of Class Dojo the portfolio appears at the top of the screen like this:











PLEASE NOTE The desktop version does not have a file upload option for video. If you’d like to send us a pre-recorded video for a task via the desktop version the best way to do it is to upload your video to Youtube (make sure you choose ‘unlisted’ so the video is not searchable) then copy the link into the journal to respond to a task. Then we’ll be able to watch your video.


Messages will come through from different characters during the day to the Class Story to make sure you keep checking there! At 4pm each day the Professor will announce the outcome of the day’s adventure. Then we’ll start again at 10am the next day! We’ll stick around to respond to any late entries until around 5pm and then will respond to anything else the next day. Once all the tech is set up, it works really well but please message us any time for technical support – we want it to work brilliantly for every child, so no question too small!


Children cannot see each other’s work, but we will regularly share collages in the Class Story – this will not include children’s faces. There will be options for children to contribute videos to share with others – we will always contact parents/carers directly to ask if these can be shared, and they will only ever appear on the closed-access Nimble Arts web pages, not on social media or publicly accessible.


And please do follow us everywhere on social media where we will be sharing live updates just search @nimblearts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and share any of your families work with the hashtag #nimbleadventurerslive!

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