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Wahahahahhaahha! It is I, Queen Icelinda of the

Icelands! I have kidnapped ALL Nimblino's grandchildren

and there's nothing you can do about it! Now you must 

become MY servants as I rule the universe!! You will do everything I say because it's a very special day today and

I do NOT want you to ruin it. It is my darling daughter Icecreama's birthday and she shall have EVERYTHING she asks for. Otherwise it's the dungeons for you!!!

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Psssst! Team! It's me - Layla! Icelinda thinks she's captured all the grandchildren but I've been hanging out in 1985 running Nimble TV and she missed me!! Icelinda can't see these messages as I've protected them with a TimeLine. Jim is not going to be much help to us...look at the message he just sent!
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So as you can see - it's you and me who are going to have to save the day! Do as many of Icelinda's tasks as you can. You can upload pictures or video, or put what you make in the window - she's got gruggles patrolling everywhere so they'll see them. Remember you learned to make pop ups on DAY EIGHT if you need a reminder! And here's some ideas to help with the Ice Palace could draw it, make it 3D out of recyling, or lego, whatever you want!
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SECOND, you must make

her a birthday cake so tall

it will take 15 stupid gruggles

to carry it. It must have

beautiful ice icing, and be covered from top to bottom

in sparkles. And DON'T get

any ideas about eating any

of it yourself!

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FIRST,  make her a birthday

card. She loves pop up birthday cards the best. It must include

her favourite colours ice blue

and ice white. It must show her favourite things - herself, her face, and her pet bat Shreika. You

must write her a message about how beautiful and wonderful and clever she is.


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There's one more thing we need. To get into the castle I'll need to be disguised as a gruggle. The only way to do this is to make Gruggle Juice and then cast a spell on it. You just need to find a jar or a bottle or something to make your juice. The ingredients are: whatever you like - Gruggle Juice is different every time and its just made up of the weirdest most disgusting combos you can make! Like for example jam, mixed with soil, mixed with squash, mixed with marshmallows, mixed with hair clips. Whatever, just make it WEIRD! Once you've mixed it up we've cyberscanned what the labels on the bottles look like so you can copy them or print them and stick them on HERE Then, when everything else is ready say this potion over your juice and put it in the window

Gruggle me this
Gruggle me that
Make me a gruggle
With a one, two, SPLAT
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THIRD, you must create a performance fit for a princess!

She loves magic, acrobatics,

jokes, songs, music, dance,

oh how she loves to dance.

She's the best dancer. She won Dancing on Ice

(Ice Lands Special) where I was

the judge. Oh and listen to her beautiful singing voice...

So here's the plan - once you've made everything you can and have your gruggle juice ready wait till exactly 4pm.
Unscramble this code and write the answer on a piece of paper - it's the time machine passcode  to get us back safely:
3+4+6+2+1-3+6= ??
Then start dancing to Icelinda's favourite party song like your celebrating here birthday....
When the music changes that's when I'm going to run into the palace and rescue my cousins - run to the window with your gruggle juice and passcod.
When the music stops click HERE to see if our mission was successful. GOOD LUCK!
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Make sure your chosen tasks are ready for the party! 

If you don't, you will spend the rest of time cleaning the icicles off the ice palace WITH A TOOTH BRUSH!

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FOURTH, now she is 16 it is

time for her to have her own Ice Palace next door. So you must design one. It must have towers, a moat, drawbridges, many

windows so we can wave

at each other from our palaces. And an ice slide! (You won't know what that is but it's like a water slide but with an ice layer).

That's how she likes to travel. And it must have a brand new snow mobile parked outside. HAVE YOU GOT THAT?

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