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DAY SIX Finn here! I've landed right in the middle of a Roman army training camp! If you don't know much about the romans start with some research HERE to learn about Roman life and here to learn about life in the army - I'm going to check this out on my infolator so I know what I'm in for!

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TASK ONE: CENTURION HELMET  First thing's first - I need you to disguise yourselves as Roman soldiers so that I can create a virtual army and hide inside ! You're going to need a helmet - I've found a guide below.

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Plain paper or coloured paper
Felt tips
Glue or stapler or tape
Tin foil if you have some! 

There's a template HERE for the side pieces and the front if you have a printer.

You can always just draw the shapes on cardboard if you don't have a print! And if the one in the video looks a bit tricky you could make this roman mask instead here

TASK TWO LATIN SPEAKER Now you look like a roman, I need you to talk like a Roman. No one can understand anything I'm saying here because Romans speak a language nobody even speaks any more called Latin. luckily, there's a group of children here having a lesson - I've snuck into the back and made some recordings for you - if we learn to say just a few things I'm sure it will help me escape! I just hope the teacher doesn't spot me! He's called Magister Augustus (magister is latin for teacher) and he looks quite stern! I've used my translato-splator to translate what he's saying. Copy each phrase and see if you can learn it then repeat it.

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1. First of all he introduced himself:


LATIN: Salvete, discipuli! hodie,

Latinam dicere discetis.


ENGLISH: Greetings, students! Today,

you will learn to speak Latin.

Salvete, discipuli! hodie, Latinam dicere discetis.

6. The last thing he taught us was a joke!

LATIN:nunc, discipuli, iocum bonum discetis 

ENGLISH: now students, you will learn a good joke


LATIN: cur gallina viam transit? ut alterum latus adveniret 

ENGLISH: why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side.

Nunc, discipuli, iocum bonum discetis:

2. Then he taught us to ask what someone's name is - and then say what your name is - try it!

LATIN: Quid nomen est?


ENGLISH: What is your name?

LATIN: Nomen Mihi Est...

ENGLISH: My name is (then add your name!)


For example: Nomen mihi est Finn

Quid Nomen Est
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unus means one

duo means two

tres means three

quattuor means four

quinque means five

sex means six

septem means seven

octo means eight

novem means nine

decem means ten

undecim means eleven

duodecim means twelve

tredecim means thirteen


3. Then he taught us to say 'Hello, How are you doing?'


LATIN: Salve, quid agis?

ENGLISH: Hello, How are you?


LATIN: Salve, optime sum! ENGLISH: Hello, I am doing excellently!

Salve, quid agis?

4. AND this is how you ask how old someone is:

LATIN: Quot annos habes? ENGLISH: How old are you?)


LATIN: Octo annos habeo

ENGLISH: I am 8 years old


If you're not 8 you can practice your age by learning the numbers below!

Quot Annos Habbes?

Mmm that's tricky! But it's so cool learning a language no one speaks anymore! so now you're Latin experts you we're going to learn this song (with some help from some children your age!). It will teach you everything else you need to know before you can help me escape! Learn the song, try the dance, upload a performance to the Professor!

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Can you party like a Roman? Let's see! use the video and the words here Don't forget to film or record yourself or take some pictures so I know you have completed all your Roman training if you want to!

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Oh no! Looks like Icelinda is close on my tail! I've been creating hologram versions of you as Romans and it's allowed me enough time to make a deal with one of the soldiers. he says he can catapult me over the hill and back to where the time portal and he's given me some tools to help fix it. but he'll only do it if I do something for him. he wants me to help him design a mosaic for his house And I haven't got time because I have to keep moving to stay hidden -so can you help??

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Copy of Copy of Untitled (1).png
Copy of Copy of Untitled (3).png
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Felt Tips
A printer to print the templates if you have one
Glue stick

You can create your own from scratch by following the instructions I found here

Or you can follow the code here to colour in these designs

You could print or copy these designs to create your own

Or if you are a courageous colourer you could colour this brightly and i can show him your design

TASK FOUR: MARVELLOUS MOSAIC Design a mosaic is like a picture made up of lots of little squares.And they're very popular in roman houses. I've ported some pictures across for you to see what they look like.

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Mosaic 1.jpg
Mosaic 2.jpg
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Thanks crew you're the best! I made it out of the camp by hiding behind your holograms and using your mosaics and Latin to fool the guards. !ntil later 'Valete!' (you say that like 'wal - ay - tay' - it means 'bye' if you're saying it to more than one person! But I just picked up this from the Icelands - looks like Icelinda is NOT happy! Tomorrow you'll need to keep a close eye out for her and gruggles as you try and save Layla!
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