DAY SEVEN Thanks for getting here so quickly - I'm a bit jumpy now I know Icelinda has sent her gruggles out all over the universe to find us!! Looks like I've landed in 1985 at a TV station! Some of your parents and carers might remember the 80's - you can ask them about it! I caused a bit of commotion when my time pod crashed landed here! I think the TV crew spotted it flying through the air because everyone had run away from the area I crashed in except one newsreader and camera operator who just keep repeating the same story - listen:


I'm going to try and have a chat with the camera operator and explain I'm not an alien from Mars! 

News Report

The camera operator's called Jez - he says in an emergency all the the doors are automatically locked! But if he doesn't fill the day with TV programmes he'll lose his job! There's no mobile phones in 1985 just phones that are plugged in like the one in the picture - it hasn't even got a screen! And none of them are working! So - I've told him we can help. I hope you don't mind but I know you are the team for this. In 1985 there are only four TV channels - and you can't choose what you want to watch. So we just need to create enough programmes, news reports and Kids TV to keep the channel going. If I do that, Jez said he'll find some tools for me and have a look at the crashed Time Pod. Remember, I don't want to be here too long because of the gruggles!!! So here's your first task! Good luck!


I think we should call our channel Nimble TV because, you know, we're the Nimble Crew! So your first task it to make an amazing LOGO for the channel. It needs to be really bright and colourful! ! There are some ideas to help you below!



Felt tips

Printer (optional)



You can either print and colour one of my design HERE - you could also open them up and copy them if you don't have a printer, and add your own pictures and symbols to the logos to make them really eye catching. Or you can draw your own from scratch.



Felt tips



You can create a large backdrop by taping together 9 pieces of A4 paper like this:

Use the pictures below to help you design what your viewers will see behind you. Usually backdrops have the logo in one corner and a picture of a city.


HERE'S a map of the UK to copy if you want to do a weather report and HERE are some weather symbols to print, or copy - you need to make some to stick on your map if you're doing a weather report so you could draw them on A4, cut them out and stick blue tac on the back! 


You're also going to need a backdrop to read the news or weather in front of!  There's some pictures below to help you with ideas. Task 3 will be to record your own news or weather report - so decide which one you'd like to do before you make your backdrop (or do both!!). GOOD LUCK!


The newsreader's name is Cindy and she says she's getting REALLY tired now she's been reading the news for the last 6 hours since I landed! So she needs you to create some news and weather reports. Remember you can upload videos of these to Professor Nimblino back on the MISSION LOG page. I've asked her to give you some tips!

If you're working with a grownup you could download the News Maker app and produce some live news report pictures too

OPTION 1: NEWS REPORT: Decide on your headlines - you can make these up! For example you could start your report with 'We interrupt this broadcast with an urgent newsflash' then create your story like 'A giant pink cat on roller-skates has been sighted on the M6 motorway. Drivers have been urged to cancel all journeys....' or maybe 'In a historic sporting move Manchester United football club have decided that they will turn Old Trafford into an ice rink and only play brand new sport Ice Ball' You might also want to film yourself or a team mate as a roving reporter. They could be in a different room outside with a microphone (hairbursh??) reporting LIVE from somewhere. You could say 'we now cross over live to our reporter (say their name) who's in (say where they are). For example 'We now cross over live to our reporter Sophie who's in a garden centre where they've discovered a new species of human eating plant'. Don't worry if you have to record your report in sections - Jez can edit it all together.

OPTION 2: WEATHER REPORT: WEATHER REPORT: Practice your weather report by standing in front of your map and sticking your weather symbols on and telling us what the wether is like in each place. If you want to make your report a bit more crazy create some silly symbols. For example 'It seems to be raining spaghetti over Manchester' 


OK, OK my sock puppet show wasn't very good. But I need you to make a really good one. So first of all make your puppets and give them names. You need two so they can have a conversation. There's a video I've found on the Time Portal Netsearch that you could watch with a grown up to help you!

Two socks
Wool for the hair (or string)
Buttons for the eyes
Cardboard for the mouth
Something circular to draw round (you don't need compasses but you can
use this if you have them)
Glue (you can use ordinary glue if you don't have a glue gun - **If you using a glue gun you must ask a grown-up to help**

Thanks team you're the best! While all your programmes play I've managed to sneak out to fix the time pod and I'm ready to go....wait.....what's this....oh no gruggles......w...o......HELP .....oh no.........