Hi team this is Meg! I've been stuck down in the bottom of this freezing cold ship for days. I can hear pirates above me and they don't know I'm here yet!

I'm so glad Layla's back home safely, and my other cousins, but now I urgently need your help! I've been trying to contact Grandpa but all I keep seeing is Icelinda cutting through the signal, looK!


You'll need to do some preparation for this task and

then come back to it later. I overheard one of the

crew on this ship saying they have a chest of old

maps that they are going to use to find the treasure when they land. The longer it takes them to find the treasure, the better. So I've managed to get to the

chest and find the maps of the island we're going to - I've taken them all out of the chest but I need to

replace them with different ones so when they land

they all go off in different directions. Here are some instructions - when it's done find an empty bottle.

Roll up your map so it fits inside. Put the bottle in a

bowl of water and put it in the window. I have a waveulator than can transport 3D images through

water so I'll grab it as soon as its there. Got it? Good.


1. Find the biggest piece of white paper you can

2. Ask a grown up for a bowl of cold water and a tea bag

3. Rub the tea bag all over your paper

4. While it dries get on with another task


When it's dry....

5. Rip the edges a little bit so it looks old

6. Draw your map - but make sure you make it different from the map in the picture! Put the X somewhere different. the pyramid, the house, the trees. We need to really confuse them!


Oh no look what's just come in through the floorboards? Gruggle slime! Icelinda's gruggles

must be in the area. If have to get off this ship and home safely as soon as possible! When I decide to make my escape I'm going to need to create pirate holograms all around me to hide behind. That's where you come in. Learn this pirate dance and song and when you've got it shout 'Ready Captain Meg' three times out of the window - I'll hit the button on my holo-watch and I'll be able to fill the top deck with holograms of you and make my escape to shore!

Your maps are so brilliant! The pirates are going to get SO lost! Well done. 


You see the picture of the sails I ported over at the top of this page? Well that long stick thing is called a yard. And in order to get off the ship without being seen I'm going to have to walk across that. And I'm REALLY scared of heights. Then once I get near to the land I'm going to need to hop over from one rock to another, and then probably bob and weave around trees, not to mention being able to run away from wild animals. So I need you to practice your balancing skills and then show me so I can learn too! They're quite hard! If you can walk on the rigging I KnOW I can...gulp!


Ugh this gruggle slime is getting out of control! They must be close. Once I climb over board I'm going to need to get to shore on some kind of raft. Look, I haven't got much time. I can feel them hauling in the rigging which means we're going to land. So you'll have to design something yourselves. I've got some bottles down here, some rope and string, some old papers and that's about it.


Any reclying



HERE is a paper design you could try.

Or there's a video I've found on the timeweb that you could follow.  


You could copy the ideas in the picture

above.  Or maybe you could build a life-size one from the things you have around you? There's some old cushions down here, a chair, some bits of wood?!

Ok that's all I have time for - I'm going to try and sneak on deck and copy on of your raft designs...

Oh no ... what's th....

Gruggles everywhere!