DAY FIVE Nimble Crew!!!! It's Daisy here. So, before we start, 

can you keep a secret? It's just, well, I've done something bad.

I'm not supposed to take anyone time travelling with me.

It's the first rule Grandpa teaches us: 'A time traveller travels

alone!' But my best friend Maisy really really wanted to come

so I let her. But now we're in big trouble. Maisy needs to be

back in time for her swimming lesson and I've got gymnastics

tonight! And you'll never guess where we are? At school  -

and it's the HOLIDAYS! But it's not our school....

it's a school in Victorian times. The teacher is SO scary...listen!!

Daisy Frame Blue.png
Daisy Frame Blue.png
Miss Steele This Morning
Miss S.jpg

Before you start you might want to do some research to work out where we are - choose your TOP FAVE VICTORIAN FACT! I searched the infometre and found THIS that might help! You have to help us escape but first of all we need to brighten up this classroom!! The pictures on the walls are SO miserable! So you first task is below...

Daisy Frame Blue.png
Victorian Lady.jpg
Brother and Sister.jpeg
Victorian Girl.jpg


TASK ONE The class are doing some drawing this morning but they've only got charcoal. Your task is to draw, paint, collage or sketch a portrait of yourself or someone you love using THE BRIGHTEST BEST COLOURS YOU HAVE! You might want to print this fancy Victorian frame or copy it around your portrait - we took a picture of one with our PictoLaser HERE If you want to draw or paint yourself as a Victorian you could try copying some of these funky outfits! Maisy would totally wear that hat!

Daisy Frame Blue.png
White paper
Coloured pencils or pens
A printer to print the frame template it you want to

OK Miss Steele (our new meany teacher) just said we can play outside and then we're going to work on our posture whatever that means? So we're going to try and escape but we need your help. We need you to pretend to be Victorian children playing in the playground so we can create 3D zoomulations of you to hide behind while we try to climb over the railings. Then when the children go back inside you need to be ready to do book balancing! It's a bit weird but we'll explain...

Daisy Frame Blue.png
Daisy Frame Blue.png


Challenge 1: Children play clapping games loads in the playground here - check out the one we made up (before we got shouted at by Miss MEANY!! Can you copy it? You could work with someone or use the wall? Then can you make up your own? Make it as complicated as you can and make up a rhyme to go with it if you like!

Challenge 2: Miss Steele says we have to practice this for TWO HOURS (No thanks!!) - what you need to do is get a book (not one that's too heavy - you could try a really smaller one first and then try a bigger and bigger one if you get good. Then try balancing an apple on top! Can you do 10 steps without it falling off? 20? 30? Miss Steele says it's to help us walk with our backs nice and straight. When you get good post a picture of video and tell us how many steps!

Daisy Frame Blue.png
Daisy Frame Blue.png

TASK 3: PUPPET SHOW Our Time Pod crashed just outside the school gates. The only way we're going to get to it is if we can make Miss Steele laugh so she's so distracted we can make a run for it. So can you make the funniest, silliest, most bonkers puppet show your imagination can think of? Remember we need to make Miss Steele laugh a lot! Watch the video to help you.

Daisy Frame Blue.png


A cardboard box (small or life-size!)




A printer to print these templates if you want to:

There's some Victorian puppets HERE and some scenery items HERE some fairy tale characters HERE or some animals HERE but you can make your characters whoever you like!

TASK 4: CUP AND BALL GAME One of the children sneaked a cup and ball game into school and let us have a go! We haven't got time to copy the design so could you make one for us? In the meantime, we'll start loading your puppet shows onto our holo-watches.

Daisy Frame Blue.png


Cup and Ball Kit HERE

A paper cup

A sharp pencil

Blue tack

Sticky tape




Pens or crayons

Right as soon as the puppet shows start coming through Maisy will play them while I sneak out of the back door and fix the time pod. With your help we should make it home by dinner time! THANK YOU Nimble Crew you're the best - we can do this.

Daisy Frame Blue.png
Cup and Ball.jpg
Daisy Frame Blue.png

Nimble CREW we love YOU!!

You did it again! We made it home just in time before anybody noticed. We owe you an ice cream, that's for sure! But look there's still 5 of my cousins out there somewhere in time and space! Please keep working hard and thanks again! D&M xx