Ron: 'Well hey there - it's the Legends here!'

Don: 'We so are!'

John: 'Are what?'

Ron: 'Legends, especially me!' 

John: 'Well, it is our last name!'

Don: 'I AM I'm the coolest'

Ron: 'I am!'

John: 'Guys GUYS! We haven't got time for this. I'm taking over. I'm the oldest!'

Don: 'Yeah but only by 1 minute 34 seconds!'

John: 'Every second counts. Now, shhhh, we've got SO much to do and so little time. Hi, Nimble Crew. Well done for all your work so far - Grandpa's been sending us some highlights and I must say you are a pretty talented bunch!'

Ron: 'But not as talented as me'

John: 'RON! You know I've got ALL the supplies in my bag don't you? And if you interrupt again you won't be getting any!'

Don: 'Yeah Ron!'

John: 'That goes for you too, Don. I'll eat your sandwiches right now if you don't zip it! Sorry Nimble Crew, you don't need to hear this. Ok, so, this is where we are. Layla our littlest cuz has been snatched and as far as we can tell from her In-Nostril-Tracker she's locked in a cell guarded by gruggles in Icelinda's ice palace. NOT GOOD. Grandpa's told us to get her out but we can't do it without your help. We're going to ask you to do four things to help us get to the palace, get past the guards, get get Layla....'

Don, Ron and John: 'AND GET BACK'

John: 'Do what you can and keep a look out for gruggles.  You can protect yourself a bit by putting a piece of bread in the window (gruggles are REALLY scared of bread). But it won't protect us for long. We can do this but it's going to be a team effort. Here are your tasks. John Out'.

Ron: 'Ron out'.

Don: 'Don out'. 

DR and J Frame Blue.png


We need to disguise ourselves to get past the gruggle guards. You already know gruggles are scared of bread. But did you also know that their sworn enemies are...pieces of fruit? (I know, I know, they're weird right?) - they seriously think any piece of fruit is out to get them whenever they see one. No fruit is allowed in the palace anywhere because if they see a piece of fruit they just run away crying gruggle snot (not pretty). So you need to create disguises for us as piece of fruit. When you're ready in full disguise give us a shout from the window so we can hologramate you around us to protect us as we approach the Ice Palace.


Ok I'm going to be honest, we spent a lot of time eating chocolate this weekend and we need to get our energy levels up ready to tackle our quest. So we need you to create a training video, obstacle course or instruction list for us. We'll do whatever you tell us to get us moving. Maybe you do a sport or a martial art? If you do create a video or write us a training plan for example:

1. 10 30 second springs

2. 20 keepie-uppies with a football

3. 10 press ups

4. Dribble ball round 6 cones 8 times

You can film yourself doing your training video or take pictures or write down instructions. We don't mind wearing karate gear, football kit or tutus, whatever it takes! And put some upbeat music on to help us get MOTIVATED!

OR create us a training obstacle course. It could be outside or inside. Build it and film yourself doing it or take a picture. Or create a training course with lego or with every day items on a table and show us how to do it by running it through with a toy. Here's some inspiration from Don's pet Hamster Mr. Snuffleson.

Fruit Costumes.jpg
DR and J Frame Blue.png



Felt Tips


HERE are some blank masks that you could use a s starting point but a paper plate also makes a great mask. Decide on your piece of fruit then try and find some clothes that colour too.

DR and J Frame Blue.png
DR and J Frame Blue.png

Meet Princess Icecreama! She is Queen Icelinda's daughter and the whiniest person on the planet! We're going to need to make sure she's distracted while we sneak past her bedroom to rescue Layla from the dungeons!

Snow blob monster.jpg
Snow blob monster.jpg
DR and J Frame Blue.png


We're only giving you one more task today because it will take you a little longer! Every day, one of Icecreama's Icicle servants is ordered to read her a story while another one has to brush her hair. She always gets bored of one story half way through and has a massive tantrum! But we thought if you write a story ALL ABOUT HER especially if the story makes her sound AMAZING! Like, maybe 'The Story of Icecreama Winning Most Beautiful Princess in the Land' or 'The Tail of Princess Icecreama Winning Every Medal at the Olympics'. If it was up to me I'd write 'The Story of when Princess Icecreama Falls in the Swamp' but we'll have to save that for when Layla's rescued! 

Think about your story before you write it. Write a little bit on each page and then you can add pictures and pop ups. Take a picture of your book or film yourself reading the story so we can play it outside Icecreama's room while we tray and rescue Layla.

DR and J Frame Blue.png



Felt Tips



Cardboard for the cover (optional)

You could use the template that you used to help Wilma when you made a palaeontologists note book 

HERE's the cover template and here are the instructions (click the picture to make it bigger!) 


Or you can just fold paper to make a simple booklet! HERE's how to make a simple square pop up that you can stick anywhere on your page. And if you want a bit of a challenge you can try the mouth pop up! We found some instructions about how to make monster cards - you can use these to create monster or any face or animal mouth pop up. HERE's instructions and HERE's the template. And heres a video of how to make a spring pop up - ou can stick any picture on top of it and the bottom to your page and ... BOING!


JOHN: WOAH! Blobdroids everywhere! Ron you start reading one of the books (it's ok, Icecreama never looks at her servants so she won't know it's you! Don, you get down to the dungeon and break Layla out, I'll stay here on watch! Hurry!

DR and J Frame Blue.png
Snow blob monster.jpg

That was A CLOSE ONE! Thank you team for your amazign stories, training and the fruit army you made! We never would have saved Layla without them and be the HEROES we are now! And look how angry it made Icelinda! Now if you want one more challenge - you can learn our secret handshake! See ya soon! 

Don out.

Ron out.

John out.

DR and J Frame Blue.png
Copy of Copy of Untitled (3).png
Icelinda Blue Frame.jpg
Copy of Copy of Untitled (1).png
Layla Blue Frame 2.jpg
Layla Blue Frame 2.jpg