For grown-ups: 

- Watch the intro video

- Then use the notes on Trello to tell children about the day

- Play some get to know you games - the children might be able to suggest some really good ones

- Children can decorate their resources box

- If there's time they can design a logo for the group

- If you want to try something as a whole group try moving along to DON'T READ LIKE A ROBOT

Or start learning about Egypt straight away HERE

For grown-ups:

  • Take children into the hall with their water bottles and ask them to find a space where they can see the screen. 

  • Make sure bubbles remain spaced out

  • Tell children they are going to be doing some training to become super strong for their adventure

  • When everyone is ready start the video  workout video

  • You can login to the Drill using username: and password nimble


For grown-ups: We are going to become Egyptologists. First we will make an Expert's Notebook from one piece of A2:

For notebook you will need:

- scissors

- one sheet of A2 Paper

Then we'll be writing down as many facts as we can while we watch Awful Eqyptians

Once we've become Egypt Experts we'll be using the hieroglyphs to write our names

For this you will:

- print outs of this sheet

- felt tips

At the end of the session children can share their top 3 facts

For grown-ups: 

  • Watch the video first - you can always go back to it during the session.

  • The video contains a full workshop of how to make a cat - this can then be transformed into Bast the Eqyptian Cat Got

  • For this activity each child needs:

    • Two toilet roles

    • Paper (coloured paper instead of paint)

    • Glue

    • Scissors

    • Black Felt Tip

Make the cat along with Val but then rather than painting spend the rest of the time turning your cat into the Egyptian God Bast

Then you can make an Egyptian Collar kit using the kits provided

  • When the activity is finished please make sure children have put their name on their work and have put it in their take home box/bag

For grown-ups: 

  • Watch the introduction - the team are going to make their very own Egyptian Tomb. They can use the picture below  to help them 

  • You will need:

    • a tomb ​

    • some paper for your mummy (you can make this however you like - wrapping strips of paper around a cardboard oval that fits inside the tomb works well)

    • Lots of coloured pens

    • Scissors 

    • Glue

    • Children can add any jewels and treasure they make into their tombs as an extra

  • Please tidy up at the end of the session - if you need to use a little bit of the break time you can

  • If there's time at the end children can show what they've done (there's more time for this at the end of the day)

  • When the activity is finished please make sure children have put their name on their work and have put it in their take home box/bag

TIP for making your mummy - cut out a long oval of cardboard that fits inside your tomb and wrap it many times in strips of paper

You may want to make some jewels or treasure to put inside your tomb too!

For grown-ups: 

  • Children prepare a report from everything they want to show and tell - you can film this on the iPad or take pictures 

  • They need to explain everything they've made and talk about their books and whats in them

  • Some children may want to write up a report