Coming to a Club

Where do your Creative Holiday Clubs run and what times are you open? 
We currently run one club at Goodrich Primary, East Dulwich, London SE22 0EP


Children can be dropped off any time between 8.00 - 9.30am and collected any time between 4.15 - 5.00pm.


We offer a free breakfast bar, fruit and juice before 9.30am for all children included in the price, and a late pick up service from 5.00 - 6.30pm which includes fruit and popcorn at our Movie Club. 

4-5 year olds can also opt for a special half day option if they don't want to attend for the full day from 9.00am-1.oopm or 1.00pm-5.00pm.


Children attending half days take part in 2 of the 4 creative workshops each day.   


Special drop-off and pick up times can be arranged on request.


Children must be collected by 5.00pm if not booked in for Late Club or 6.30pm if booked for Late Club or fees will be incurred.

What age groups do you accept?
Children from their 4th birthday up to the last day of their 11th year can attend for a full day.  We do not currently accept 3 year old's.

How are the days organised?
Every day has a completely different theme and range of workshops which explore the theme holistically through chosen the arts, history, science, creative technology and more.


Our 4-6 year olds (Hedgehogs, Chipmunks and Puffins) are looked after in their own downstairs activity hall by one of our very experienced Early Years Managers and team of Early Years Leaders.


They visit adapted versions of our workshops and activity sessions in groups of up to around 20. When children arrive in the morning our 4-6's have activities to choose from in their own hall,


Our 7-11's have a hall of activities upstairs including a recycling area, keyboards, games, a chill out zone, a huge craft table and dressing up. 


Dolphins is our transition group of 6-7's which children can join when they are ready to move up from the downstairs hall - this can happen at their own pace and we don't mind how long they want to stay downstairs!   Meerkats is made up of older 6-7's, Zebras 7-8's and Eagles 9-11's.


Being in Eagles is something children work up to as they have their own Eagles Nest just off the upstairs hall and resources.  Children follow a busy timetable of free choice time in their activity halls,  Three creative workshops and one 'Funhouse' session including a few go's on our giant bouncy castles!  

To get in touch with us between

7.00am – 6.30pm during a holiday club period please call 0333 014 2576


Option 1 to talk to the office.

Discuss bookings, payments, issues with your account, availability and any general enquiries

Option 2 to talk to the Goodrich Duty Manager

if your child is with us that day and you want to speak to club staff about anything including Movie Club booking, alternative pick up arrangements, if you are running late or if your child cannot attend.

You can also text or WhatsApp the Goodrich Manager on 07714 745 040 between 7.00am – 6.30pm during club time only.

What do we need to bring?


Every day is a completely different adventure at Nimble Arts but the things you will need on each day are:


  • A packed lunch and snacks PLEASE NOTE we have a nut-free policy, and as we have a number of children with allergies, this is particularly important. We reserve the right to remove any packed lunch item containing nuts which will be returned to parents at pick up - PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CHECK ALL PACKAGING VERY CAREFULLY We also ask that children don't share their lunches, because of the number of children who do have allergies). There will be two extra breaks during the day so please includes snacks and a bottle of water that can be refilled during the day 


  • Any medication that needs to be administered or that you would like us to have available for your child during the day (asthma pumps, epi pens, antihistamines etc) - these will need to be signed in and out and please make sure it is labelled with your child’s name. To save time please complete this online form before the club so we will have all the information we need and permission to administer:

  • Waterproof coat and sensible shoes for outdoor play


  • Clothes they can move easily in, and that you don't mind getting a bit messy - whilst we have overalls available for craft projects, a bit of rogue paint or glue can sometimes escape! 

  • An extra bag labelled to take home things that your child has made


  • We welcome any recycling for our scrap yard making are so please feel free to bring as much as you like!

5 stars - the boys (6 and 4) did 2 days over half term and absolutely LOVED it. The sessions are so engaging, fun and educational and the teachers/assistants enthusiastic, warm and fun. I can’t recommend this holiday club more highly. Thank you for a fun time!​ - Parent, 2019

How do I request that my child is in the same group as a friend of sibling?

We do our very best to group friends and siblings who want to be together in the same group but need this information as early as possible and at the very least by 1.00pm the day before your child is attending as sign in is a very busy time and we want to minimise delays.


The reason we group children is so that we can tailor the day to their interests and abilities for their age group - if lots of younger children are places in an older group it has an effect on their experience and autonomy, and vice versa. 


These age groups are not rigidly set in stone as the main thing for us is children feel comfy and can interact with peers of their age – but we do need to be mindful of ratios and numbers in each group which is why we ask for requests by 1.00pm the day before attendance using this form: 

Once you have made a request this is recorded on your child's account in the medical Info box so any time those children attend the club on the same day they will be grouped together.   We have lots of mechanisms in place to help children attending on their own settle in or siblings with a big age gap enjoy the day in their own age group but pop and see each other whenever they want to.

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