Use the time in between each question to go round the group and get to know new Adventurers:


1. Has any body been here all week and can they tell us about the things they have enjoyed the most?


2. If this is your first day can you tell us your favourite animal?


3. If you have been here for more than one day can you tell us what  your favourite activity was?


4. Do you think Switcher is going to get home OK to Professor Nimblino's Time Lab?


5. Where do you think Professor Nimblino has travelled in Time and Space?


6. If you were having a Halloween party what games would you play?


7. Do you know a great joke?

Now the grownups will tell you all about the day and you can ask any questions.

At Home adventurers can write their answers to the Professor on Class Dojo

Captain Woodz and Captain Carburetor urgently need your help to get Switcher home in the Cloudship!

1. Draw your magical aeroplane using paper and pen

When Captain Woodz tells you to go outside you'll need:

2. Cloud Spotting Sheet 

3. Weather report

Can you draw some weather symbols and then perform you crazy weather report? 

Even on the Cloudship you have to keep fit! Here we go!

You will need:

- your water bottle

- to find a space


Login is password nimble

We need to throw some bugs behind us as we fly through the air! Can you take the pipe cleaner challenger?

You will need:

1. Challenge sheet

2. Pipe cleaners in lots of different colours

3. Lolly sticks Googley eyes

4. Plastic spoons for the spiders

Good luck you haven't got long!

Quick! We need to animate some bird puppets and send them out behind the cloudship to blow the path of Crawfoot and the crow army!

1.    Body Templates and Wings Template
2.    Tape/glue
3.    Colour pens
4.    Feathers (optional)
5.    String
6.    Scissors
7.    Hole punch

This is it Adventurers the final chance to get away from Ebonilda! We need to harness PLANT POWER


Using anything you have in front of you (leaves, paper, card, decoration) create a plant powered flying disc that can fly through the air and stop Ebonilda's crows in their tracks!

Put the timer on when you are ready to go and don't forget to send pictures to the Professor on Class Dojo! Your grown up will help! 

Show the Professor what you have done! 

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