Use the time in between each question to go round the group and get to know new Adventurers:


1. If you've been here before what was your favourite activity (hands up)


2. If this is your first day tell us what your favourite thing to do at home or at school is


3. If you were a super hero what three skills would you have?


4. You are now a member of the Time Squad - what is your agent name (favourite colour followed by favourite animal)


5. Every Time Squad Agent has a robot pet and special vehicle - tell us about yours.


6. What's your favourite spooky Halloween creature and why?


7. If someone was throwing a Halloween party for you what HORRIBLE foods would there be? (E.g. worm pie and slime cream) 

At Home adventurers can write their answers to the Professor on Class Dojo

Adventurers need to keep fit so they are ready for anything!

You will need:

- your water bottle

- to find a space


For grown-ups: Click on the yellow box when you're ready to start. You can login to the Drill using username: and password nimble

Switcher needs you to make some masks for the Ebonildaeen ball and some paper chains!


You will need:

1.    Mask kits (at the club)

2, Mask template (at home)
3.   Paper chains (or strips of paper if you're at home)

Live link from 11.30:

This workshop is 39 minutes so you can do a shorter version for this session

Switcher needs you to design a Ebonildaeen wreath! Decorate it with stickers and bright colours!


You will need:

1.   Wreath kit (at the club)

2.  Wreath template (at home)

Now it's time to show everyone in your bubble and if you want to send anything to the Professor get your grown up to upload to Class Dojo. 

Well done for a brilliant day - Oh and Switcher says thanks so much!

Well done Adventurers! Now it's time to relax and listen to a magical tale from the Nimblino Universe 

You will need:

- just your eyes and ears

- you might want to make a space under your table (or somewhere comfy at home) and curl up for the story!

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