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Congratulations on reaching the final day of Time Squad Basic Training. Soon you will be sent on your very first Time Squad mission. But first, we need to make sure you are ready. You can attend your graduation ceremony whenever you like, so don't worry if you don't finish everything today. But when you have, or you feel ready for you first mission, you can print the certificate that we'll send tonight, write your name on it and get ready for a journey like no other. There are three tests to pass at Level 4: 1. Create your own time Squad Training Drill 2. Make your Animatron and 3. Learn the SQUID Code. Good luck.


TEST 1 For the last few days you have worked out with Captain Jumpz, Captain Chillz, Captain Spinz and Monx. Today it's time to take everything you've learned and create your own training session for the Time Squad. You can write out the exercises or draw them or create a workout video. You need to have a WARM-UP, a WORKOUT WITH 5 EXERCISES OR MOVEMENTS and a COOL DOWN. All the workout videos are below to give you some inspiration. You could base your workout on a sport you are good at, dance, gymnastics or anything you like! We can't wait to see your training plan!

**Nimble Arts**


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Every Time Squad Agent has an Animatron. This is their animal assistant who helps them on their mission. They are part animal/part robot. Your next task is to create your own Animatron. Meet Captain Mendz She's one of our designers and she's created two training videos for you below if you wanted to make an Owl or Cat Animatron (they need to look really realistic so no one knows they're not real animals if they are spotted!) OR you can make your own design of any animal. OR you can use an animal you might have at home - if you have a favourite soft toy just create a Time Squad uniform for it! GOOD LUCK!


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