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COVID-19 UPDATE 10.06.2020

We hope everyone is safe and well during these unusual and stressful weeks. We have, understandably, received lots of enquiries over the last few weeks about whether we will be opening for our usual Summer Holiday Club at Goodrich Primary from 20th July - 21st August and we wanted to send you an update as I'm sure you're finding it just as difficult as us to plan for the weeks ahead in terms of going back to work, childcare etc. We wanted to be completely open with you about our decision-making and say that we are doing everything we can to see whether we might be able to open some provision over those weeks. We're also working with our brilliant partner Goodrich Primary who are supportive of us opening as long as it is safe to do so.

Guidance for out of school childcare is not due to be published by the government until 4th July but we very much hope it will be earlier than that. If they confirm businesses such as ours are allowed to open, and Goodrich can host us then our current plan would be to work as follows:

- Open for 60 children aged 4-11 from 8.00 - 6.30pm per day (allowing 4 groups of 15 children each in line with government guidelines to schools)

  • Restrict our team to a small daily regular staff with little variation

  • Have no external workshops leaders - we would run workshops using our internal team and video conferencing so that we could still have our usual exciting themed sessions, but restrict the amount of people coming into contact at the club - this may mean we make use of tablets and technology more than we normally would

  • We would not provide breakfast - we would ask parents to provide this before coming to the club - this would be to avoid shared food handling

  • We would not have our usual bouncy castle - again, this would be just too difficult to avoid children being in close proximity - we have some ideas of how to fill that corner with a giant cardboard village children could build over the club instead!

  • We would focus as much time as possible on being outdoors - this may mean that the focus of some sessions moves to team games

  • We would provide staff with PPE and enforce social distancing in line with government guidelines for our specific age groups

  • We would have stringent hygiene and safe drop-off and pick up procedures in place and will be reviewing our risk assessment and insurance policies

  • Our focus would be on making those weeks safe and fun for children and a good source of much-needed childcare for parents


As things stand, we have not been eligible for or received any form of government funding. Therefore, the opening at under 50% capacity is a huge financial risk, especially as we could be closed at any moment if government guidelines change. There are large companies in the area who may be able to open with much less risk so we also be monitoring this closely as we truly are on a financial knife edge, along with many fellow businesses, and while we are absolutely committed to our families, we also want to survive this crisis to be able to open fully as soon as we can.

Thank you for your patience, the minute we know more we will let you

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