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Summer 2016 Scrapbook!



Our longest Creative Holiday Club to date and it was a SCORCHER!! Thanks to the brilliant children, staff and workshop leaders who made it so special. Below you can see what we got up to during our Summer Spectacular. Some days we film loads and take lots of pictures, other days are more about the immersive experience during the day so here’s some of our best memories…


Monday 1st August: Street Beat! 
Street dance, beatboxing and some funky cap designs:



Tuesday 2nd August: Cartoon Caper
Welcoming back our friends from Chocolate Films for some animation fun, t-shirt spraying and flipbooks..


Wednesday 3rd August: Musical Magic:
Flash mobs, music videos and old school cassette tapes being put to a brand new decorative use…



Thursday 4th August: Nimble FM
Headphones donned and radio shows written it was time to record!
Click the link below for radio shows:


Nimble NEW fm


Friday 5th August: Monster Mayhem
The monsters are coming…and they’re hungry!!


Monday 8th August: Dino Den
Fossil-hunting, movie trailers and dino hats all to help Fiona Fossil run her Museum!



Tuesday 9th August: Robot World
Marvin the 3D-printed robot, 3D printing with air pens, robot dances and masks!



Wednesday 10th August: Tudor Court
All hail the Tudor Queen (even if she is a bit of a meanie!): jester and ruff making, and the ancient art of falconry!


Thursday 11th August: Mission to Mars
5, 4, 3, 2, 1….LIFT OFF on animations, jet packs, cosmos t-shirts and one lost alien to fly home!



Friday 12th August: Old Curiosity Shop
Enter the strange an unusual world of Arthur Searchlight, Purveyor of Magical Timepieces


Monday 15th August: Scrap Fashion
Bin bag catwalks, jean-ious upcycling and bag spraying!


Tuesday 16th August: Bedroom Bling
Door hangers, name plaques, lego and minion pots and lanterns to bling up even the smallest bedroom…


Wednesday 17th August: Backstage
Three plays to put on and no backstage team! Scenery, makeup, props, costumes and press shots coming up!


Thursday 18th August: Puppet Show
Kicking off with traditional Punch & Judy we’re off into stage making, bird puppets and human puppet dances!


Friday 19th August: Play in A Day
Can we write a star in a play in just one day? Yes we can!


Monday 22nd August: Story Chest
A visit from the Mad Hatter, hats to make, a doormouse to find and clay white rabbits!


Tuesday 23rd August: Pirate Cove
Aye Aye Captain Nobeard has landed and he’s lost his treasure! Pirate hats, bootcamp and movie trailers!
Wednesday 24th August: Paper Planet 
How may things can you make out of paper? Mobiles, puppets, origami creatures and islands…

Thursday 25th August: Fable Factory
Tell the talking horse a fable and he’ll grant you a wish! Fable story books and animations…


Friday 26th August: Jungle Journey
Our final journey into the jungle of our imaginations…what creatures did we encounter along the way? And an amazing 360 camera display as used at the Rio Olympics from one of our parents – the perfect end to our most creative holiday ever!

See you next time!