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Spring Half-term 2017 Scrapbook


Thanks to all those who came to our Spring 2017 Creative Holiday Club…as always your brilliant ideas and imagination made it fun for all involved! See what we go up to below…
Tuesday 30th May: Move and Grove – Street dance, t-shirts and mad beats!


Wednesday 31st May: Art Gallery – 8 hours to create a brand new gallery of exhibits…only our Nimble Crew could rise to the challenge and turn themselves into surrealist art works!


Thursday 1st June: Virtual Reality – It may look like we’re in South East London but we’re actually in the Australian Outback! Headsets, animation and more…


Friday 2nd June: Myths and Legends – A day of immersive adventure with Sir Laughsalot and the King of Joppardy!

See you next time!