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October 2017 Heber and Horniman Scrapbook!


What spooktacular fun we had this half term at Heber School and Horniman primary! Have a look below to see what we got up to!
Monday 23rd October – Monster Mayhem
Monster animations, masks and moves!


Tuesday 24th October: Tudor Tales
Enter the plague doctor! Clay Tudor houses and roses, some Tudor tutorials and some noble fashions!

Wednesday 25th October: Wicked Wearables
A chance to get decked out in the latest terrifying t shirts, trick or treat bags and wristbands ready for the creepy catwalk!

Thursday 26th October: Insect Invasion
A visit from some wriggly friends, some 3D printed insect jewellery and bat and bug boxes made from scratch!

Friday 27th October: Haunted House
Spooky movie trailers (emailed to parents), dioramas and halloween decorations!

Monday 23rd October: Haunted House
Dioramas, spooky trailers (emailed to parents) and decking the halloween halls!

Tuesday 24th October: Monster Mayhem:
Monstrous animations, masks and music videos (emailed to parents)


Wednesday 25th October: Tudor Tales
Another visit from the Plague doctor, clay roses and houses and some noble fashion!

Thursday 26th October: Wicked Wearables
Time to strut your stuff on the creepy catwalk – t shirts, bags. wristbands and mumification!

Friday 27th October: Insect Invasion
More wriggly friends, 3D printed insects and bat and bug boxes and masks!

See you next time!