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February 2017 Holiday Club Scrapbook!


What a fantastic amount of adventures we had this February Half-term…from meeting ‘famous’ artist Francoise LePooPoo to solving the crime of the century: the theft of the crown jewels…not to mention all the creations along the way!
Monday 13th  February: Up, Up and Away…creating hot air balloons, crazy weather reports hanging out withe space super-expert Jerry Stone!


Tuesday 14th February: Fill our Sketchbook…can we draw like Quentin Blake and create Matisse-style collages? Course we can!

Wednesday 15th February…magic was well and truly in the day with magician extrodinaire Carl Charlesworth, optical illusions a-plenty and some messy fun with magic spray paints!


Thursday 16th February: Toys and Games…enter Tilda Tiddlywink and her crazy toy factory challenges: game designing, maze making and toy stories on film!


Friday 17th February: Spy School…the crown jewels are missing and we only have one day to train as spies and crack the case!!

We love our Nimble Crew!! See you next time 🙂