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Childcare Vouchers and Tax-Free Childcare

We accept childcare vouchers and Tax Free Childcare. When booking through Magic Booking make sure you select that you want to pay by childcare vouchers from the dropdown menu on the checkout page. Then choose the provider (choose Not Listed for Tax Free Childcare) and enter the amount you wish to pay then press Apply:
Our Ofsted number for Goodrich is EY561167 registration date 10.07.2018
If you have paid Nimble Arts @ Heber School of Horniman Primary in the past please use the new details below to pay for childcare at Nimble Arts Goodrich

Once your booking has gone through please find us through your CCV provider account, action the correct payment using your booking P reference that you can find in My Bookings (on Magic Booking) or on your booking confirmation email) and send us an email to let us know you’ve made the payment, the provider and the amount to If paying by Tax Free childcare please send us the long reference number which will start with the fist initial and first three letters of your child’s surname.
It sometimes takes a few days for payment to come through to our bank account and when it does we match it up to your Magic Booking account so don’t worry if it shows a balance owing for a few days after you make payment.
Please make sure you are paying the right account – we are Goodrich Nimble Arts under SE22 0EP for most providers:
Edenred We are registered as Goodrich Nimble Arts – you will need account number P21204361
Kiddivouchers Setting name Goodrich Nimble Arts, post code SE22 0EP
Busy Bees We are registered as Nimble Arts at Goodrich School, post code SE22 0EP
Sodexo We are Registered as Goodrich Nimble Arts account number 893717
RG Childcare Registered as Goodrich Nimble Arts Carer Account 71130398117
Computershare Registered as Goodrich Nimble Arts Account number 0025906802
Care-4 Registered as Goodrich Nimble Account number 81358530
Co-op Flexible Benefits Registered as Goodrich Nimble Arts Account number 85118439
Fideliti Registered as Goodrich Nimble Arts Account number GOO042C
Enjoy and Early Years Registered as Goodrich Nimble Arts Account no: B023284
Fair Care Registered as Goodrich Nimble Arts Account number GOOD0718
Tax Free Childcare Nimble Arts at Goodrich School Account 50031130402